About Alumni Coffee Company

Our goal at Alumni Coffee Company is to connect with college and university fans, students, and alumni to help generate funds for scholarships and other key investments being made by each school. We do this by partnering with Universities, Alumni Associations and Athletic Departments to offer University-branded specialty coffees that are ethically sourced, perfectly roasted, and that contribute a portion of their proceeds back to each school.

We’re a Missouri-based Global Coffee Company that has an extensive network of Vertical Partners, Collegiate Market Alumni, Influencer Relationships, Global Licensing, and Branding expertise. Our coffee is produced by our 4th-generation, family-run business with 90 years of experience as importers, roasters, and packagers of fine coffees from around the world.


About Our Coffees

  • Specialty
    Each blend is carefully chosen based on scores of characteristics determined from decades of testing, sampling and perfecting the roasting process.

  • Variety
    With a wide range of coffee beans from across the globe, we provide an equally wide range of blends. Each blend has its own distinct flavor, journey, and story.

  • Custom Blend
    We craft custom and proprietary blends with defined characteristics to create  distinct, unique blends for each school.

  • Ethically Managed
    All of our coffee beans are sourced from growers who participate in certification programs which focus on enhancing social and economic empowerment in their communities.